Back-office duties are everyday administrative functions that all companies must have, they are repetitive, necessary but not required core to a company’s basic proposal.

Back office services are not considered strategic, they are crucial to business success because they liberate both manpower and resources for more specific revenue producing tasks. Outsourcing these provide the most direct savings and allows management to focus on their core tasks at hand thus increasing profits.

Back office functions include operations support, records, clearance, finance, and IT services. Some generic functions also include:

  • Claims Processing
  • Client Administration
  • Applications and record keeping
  • Loan Processing
  • Case Management
  • Payroll/Accounting/Billing
  • Transaction Processing
  • Data Entry and Inventory invoicing
  • Document Indexing, conversion, and scanning
  • Database management

Back offices are usually located somewhere other than the company headquarters. Such functionality is outsourced to maximize both savings and disaster recovery. Basically, back offices repetitively process large amounts of transactions.
Processes that can be simple, or complex, multi-step processes that span days, weeks, or even months. The individuals involved range widely in expertise and tasks: from data entry clerks, auditors, case managers, to IT professionals. Despite their duties there is one common goal, business objectives remain essentially the same:

  • Enhance accuracy and work speed.
  • Provide a lower processing cost.
  • Meet delivery deadlines.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.

To provide all the above our Back office will:

  • Start out by pinpointing needs and carefully delegating them thus being able to assess business requirements, propose costs and evaluate possibilities.
  • Then we continue to plan and state strategy solutions by detecting change models and defining workflow.
  • Raise and assign to offshore models reducing costs and boosting efficiency.
  • Duplicate and perfect documenting hence improving constant upgrading process.
  • Incorporate and reproduce -conforming to feedback- better results and harmonizing applications.

Our back-office trained staff juggles multiple cost-efficient choices and seamless solutions bespoken (tailored) to each client. Assuring your operational needs will be provided with options to boost productivity.

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