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Nearshore outsourcing means that you delegate software development or certain tasks to companies located in geographical proximity to your country. When you hire a nearshore company, the difference between you and the contractor should be hours.

Nearshore means hiring developers from a nearby country. Offshore, on the other hand, is outsourcing to a geographically distant country.

One of the benefits is if you are on a budget, nearshore software outsourcing is a great option for cutting some expenses as there may be no affordable providers in your region.

Minor time zone difference means that if need be you are only a few hours away, in the same time zone and not complicated to get to.

Experienced talent is key. The nearshore software development means that the provider already has a team of expert developers who have worked on multiple projects together. It kills two birds with one stone: communication between team members and working experience.

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Back-office duties are everyday administrative functions that all companies must have, they are repetitive, necessary but not required core to a company’s basic proposal. Back office services are not considered strategic, they are crucial to business success because they liberate both manpower and resources for more specific revenue producing tasks. Outsourcing these provide the most direct savings and allows management to focus on their core tasks at hand thus increasing profits.


Customer Service

When you allow someone else to handle all your final client relations: “reliability is a must”. Your outsourcing partner should build your brand name through market trends and meet technological demands because customer retention is of utmost importance During this year most of the corporate world was unprepared for the digital transition phase, hence the vitality in having a backup partner willing and able to meet today’s needs. Customer service traditional methods have changed, we now need diversity in planning and execution for business continuity. Our customer loyalty is due to versatility in our approach while solving client issues. We are always ready to make it our priority to make sure the end-user’s query is resolved.

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Over a decade ago Information Technology and innovation boosted outsourcing as we know it today, slowly becoming an alternative of everyday business functionality. Outsourcing essentially is to sublet certain functions of your operation to a third party that oversees managing your business with expert personnel. And consequently, administers IT Support Services across various departments, specifically designed to fit your business necessities.

For advanced consistency and improved excellence analytics and reports on your IT processes are vital. To provide flexibility, speed up the work pace, reduce risk, and to upscale or downscale your company at will, technical support is crucial. Network maintenance continued operations, in an online, remote-ready, and secure environment with an open strategy to expand your startup moving forward.

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Software Support

Quality assurance is a vital part of effective engineering. By extracting technical risks that may hinder performance and revenue generation that may cause legal violations we guarantee business success. Being since your business relies on software, it also defines your success rate. Due to today’s work from home situations, remote fluid functionality depends solely on digital software, innovation, and technology. Through creativity, automation, and modern methods, we add value to your enterprise operations so that you can focus on your businesses the core strengths. We can provide software development, security checks, system performance updates, checks on web interface endpoints, protocols, and compliances. By designing specifically for each customer our software solutions are bespoken and target oriented.

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Help Desk

This is the middle ground between final client and the company offering the services. Vital to customer service enhancement this department resolves problems and addresses incidents while maintaining both parties in effective communication. Also keeps, troubleshoots, and reports component requirements on all hardware as well as solving software needs. This department diagnoses system issues and fixes them while guiding administrative functions, passwords, and licenses for:

  • Finance.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics.
  • Human Resources.

Why Costa Rica?

  • Labor Value.
  • Proximity to the US.
  • Robust facilities and infrastructure.
  • Economic and Political Stability, excellent business climate.

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